Bounce back

When you hit against the wall,
Don’t let it break you or destroy you.

Bounce back.

When you slip on a deep dark pit,
Don’t let it summon you or eat you alive.

Bounce back.

When you take a wrong turn and lost your way,
Don’t go insane or make it blow your mind away.

Bounce back.

When you fall into the vast unknown ocean  of terror and fear,
Don’t let it drown you, swim back up.

Bounce back.

Trip and fall, stand up tall.
Challenges are always there,
And so is success.

As long as you bounce back after you fall.

~ Melonaide

I’ll Be Back

Just like a bird that flies so high,
My wings will always find home…I’ll be back.

Just like the water that endlessly flows,
It goes and goes to the ocean once again…  I’ll be back.

Just like the sun that always set,
It always greet the morning with a smile… I’ll be back.

Just like the seasons that always change,
In an endless pattern over and over again… I’ll be back.

Seasons come and seasons go, the tides rise high and the tides dive low,
But remember that I will always be, back to you and me.

~ Melonaide 

Flower Lady

Teach me how to see what my critical eyes fail to see,
The wonders and beauty all around me.
Teach me how to see the path that is hidden from me,
Its secrets and joys that is meant for me.
Let me hold the torch  of wisdom with the purest light,
And a beauty of  soul that can last through the night.
I might not last long, I might not be remembered.
But do know that I was once there and that I cared.

~ Melonaide

Celestial Tree

What if the stars are grown by a tree,
And the clouds are the lands of heavens unseen?
What if the satellites fail,
And in space the astronauts sail?
What if stars are the fruits eaten by angels,
And Saturn’s rings are big and giant bagels?

Science and Art mixed together forms a world of imagination put into action.

~ Melonaide

Sleeping Bear

Wake me up from hibernation.
Put my spirit back into action!
Let the strength I gathered from rest,
Be used to pass life’s every test.

~ Melonaide


One by one I’ll conquer a star,
Step by step I’ll work all the way.
I may fall and stumble, I don’t care.
If it is for something I’ve been longing for.


Why are flowers made?

Why are flowers made, when they all just wilt and die?

Theirs is a beauty that’s temporary.
But they can be a part of a good memory.

Theirs is a size so small,
But a smile so big is what they can give.

If even just for a while I can make this world a beautiful place,
Then I wouldn’t mind being a flower in my own simple way.

~ Melonaide 

This is the flower from the bouquet given to me earlier when I attended my best cousin’s wedding as her maid of honor. I’m wishing that couple to live the rest of their lives together filled with happiness and love! ♥ 🙂