Going Back to Portraits

I’ve been accepting commissioned portrait works before as a sideline job. But usually, for me to complete one (more or less 12″ x 16″ paper size), it takes me from 3 days to 1 week of working on it. I don’t use a pantograph. That tool never seem to like me. lol. So I have to make measurements on the face by using my pencil as a ruler to check the proportion and distance. A sketch takes me a whole day to finish since I want it to look perfectly the same as the picture, shading is not included on the sketch.

And then, when I am confident that my measurements are correct, I will start shading the sketch. I either use colored pencils or charcoal pencil for it. This is a long process of trial and error. A slight mistake on the shading will make the person look different.

So, I challenged myself to make one small and fast portrait drawing today. Because of the time limit. I didn’t have the pleasure of taking time to measure everything (e.g. distance between the two eyes, distance of the of the nose to the eyes..etc.). I just used a 2H pencil for this portrait and a piece of small bathroom tissue and an eraser. The tissue was used to soften some shades in the face area. I prefer using cotton and cotton swabs, but I don’t intend to make it look too refined so a tissue paper will do.

Overall, I am satisfied on how it turned out. But my inner critic is screaming that there is something wrong. I’ll just try to do better next time. ;D

So, there she is. My cute and bubbly niece – Aija! I guess I did something wrong on the forehead part. Hers is larger. lol but she is still cute! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide