Watercolor Portrait – My Brother Jomer

I want to wish my brother a happy birthday!! 

It’s been a while since I last posted but somehow art is calling me yet again. Since it is my brother’s birthday, I grabbed my watercolor set and went for it. Because this is supposed to be a fast art, I didn’t sketch this with a pencil. Instead I directly used the brush. I am quite glad that my first fast watercolor portrait went out alright. This is just a small watercolor drawing , about 3 inches in size. So that’s that. I enjoyed holding the brush again.

Have a colorful day! – Melonaide 

30 Minute Portrait – Ana

30 Minute Portrait No. 6

Pencil Illustration (6B) on Plain White Paper (5.25″ x 5.5″)

This pretty lady, Ms. Ana volunteered herself to have her picture drawn in 30 Minute Art’s Facebook page. Although it took me so long before I could actually continue this project (she volunteered on April 17), I got myself starting once again. Ugh, I might be a big procrastinator, but rarely a quitter.  The culprit is: I accepted portrait jobs which of course took me weeks to accomplish.  Actually I almost got carried away on this one. This took me 45 mins. to finish (shhhh) hahaha. It would have taken really a long time once my perfectionism sets in. But anyways since this is 30 minute art, I could let my perfectionism rest and just do what I can do in a shorter period of time. I don’t have the time pleasure of meticulously measuring every details to make the portrait looks exactly as it is, so I’m pretty sure there might be some errors here and there, but I guess it’s always has been exciting  doing portraits within 30 minutes.

Well, I’m gonna run out of pictures to draw soon, (I only have 2 pictures on queue) so, if you want me to draw your 30 minute portrait, pls. like the 30 minute art page (you can click it on the right) and comment somewhere here or there that you want to be drawn, and I’ll draw your Facebook profile picture. 🙂

Have a great day!


I’ll Let Go

I’ll let go… of all this madness,
From my stupid mistakes and blunders.

But not without vengeance!
Until I do something to make it right.

I won’t forget, until I finally set it straight.
There’s no room for self-pity for it will eat away my energy.

I will let go… of the blames and self-insults.
I was wrong, yes, I did wrong.

But I won’t let go without vengeance!
I will do something in return.

Not to run like a coward,
Or in darkness be devoured.

I will let go of the hatred I feel for my sinful self.
In return I’ll set it straight, and not do it ever again.

~ Melonaide

PS. Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything that will get me to prison. I just forgot to do something important for someone, and I feel a bit bad about it! And the vengeance I refer to is a revenge by doing goodness. Have a blessed day! 😀

Vivid Youth

Vivid youth from the early evening sky
Watching flames looking up
And I’m warming to your side.

Indie Saturday!

30 Minute Art now features the song “Vivid Youth” by The Pastels and Tenniscoats from the album Two Sunsets.

The song gives you a warm feeling of travelling with your friends or someone special.

It’s a lovely song to listen to during road trips.

Happy listening!

~ Melonaide

The Little Lamp

I took a break from watercolors for today since It’s starting to look like an art made by a child…LOL. Seriously, I still need a lot of practice to make my 30 minute watercolor art look awesome. ^^; So, I just grabbed my little lamp I used as a furniture which I bought from a sidewalk vendor on a town festival. It is only like 3 inches. I asked the vendor if I can actually put a gas on it and use it. She said yes. But I never actually tried. I just like to see it on my bookshelf. This time, I used my mechanical pencil and colored pencil. But it would have looked better if I used a better paper. I found out that the paper I used is too smooth, my color gray pencil won’t color at all. (I used my mechanical pencil for some gray shading) But since I already set my timer to 30 minutes, I just kept on coloring. XD

One Stone at a Time

I can’t go to the other side,
The mountain’s just too high.
Maybe all I need is to keep a blind eye,
And try to move the mountain
One stone at a time.
I really should stop looking.
It freaks me out just by staring,
The amount of work that is waiting
It can be done
One step at a time.

~ Melonaide

Beyond the Blue Sea

Beyond the blue sea, what will I see?
Is it a place that is good for me?
Beyond the blue sea, what will I be?
I will be someone I want, maybe?
Beyond the blue sea, where will the wind take me?
Is it somewhere I can be free?
Beyond the blue sea, I will sail with glee.
Gotta keep on with this wonderful journey.

~ Melonaide