As the book closes

Old stories will soon end,
Old wounds will soon mend,
Old memories may soon be forgotten,
As the book closes…

The joy that it bring,
The lullaby that we sing,
I’ll treasure everything,
As the book closes…

New hope will now appear,
New opportunities will soon be near,
That’ll make it worth the tears,
As the book closes…

~ Melonaide

The Big Door and the Small Door

Two doors stood at the end of the hall,
One door is tall and the other is small.
As a girl passed by, she stumbled and fall,
And stared at the two odd doors fixed to the wall.
It is the dead end, there’s nowhere else to go,
Which door to choose, she do not know.
She looked at the big one, it must be easy to pass through.
The small one’s too small and looks uncomfortable too!
She reached for the big knob, but she can’t push the door.
So big and heavy, it makes her weary.
No matter how hard she push, there’s nothing she can do.
It is where she want to pass, but she can’t deal with its mass.
But there on the wall stood the little door.
Tiny and small, she crawled on the floor.
Although it’s small, it’ll lead her to the ball.
It is what’s important after all.

~ Melonaide

Stars in a Jar

I’ll catch some stars and put them in a jar, then lock it tight and handle it with might

So that no matter how dark the places are,Β I’ll have tiny lights leading me with beautiful sparks.

I’ll catch some stars and put them on a jar, then lock it tight and handle it with might…

So that no matter how far all my dreams are, I’ll see some hope just by looking at the jar!

~ Melonaide

Tree House

This reminds me of childhood. This is something I would wish to build as a child but we didn’t have a tree to build such. So, I were just contented to explore our yard and just dream about things or draw stuffs in my paper or small blackboard. And with that, I was already happy. It’s amazing how easily kids can find something to enjoy. As adults we set our standards for happiness too high that we tend to forget to enjoy what we already have.

Flower Bush

I can’t think of anything to paint today. But then I thought maybe I just think too much. So, I just let my hand draw whatever comes into mind and then it turns out to this. I know I still need more learning to do, and one of that is how I can be more expressive through art and do something beyond just merely copying what our eyes can see. Hopefully, this 30 minute habit would shape me to become a better artist. πŸ™‚

Earhart’s Plane

I copied this from Amelia Earhart’s plane that she used to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. I find it amazing that she did something so fascinating and adventurous as trying to fly across the world with her own plane. πŸ™‚


This is my nephew Timothy Lance Y. Castro. I made this during his dedication. I have regretted not bringing any art materials with me. But in order to accomplish my 30 minute daily task, I had to borrow all the stuffs to do this. Special thanks to Nao for the sketchpad, charcoal pencil, macbook, cell phone that captured the photo and internet connection. lol. And thanks to Aljane for the connector. Β To my nephew Timmy, I wish that you will grow up into a wonderful person. πŸ™‚