Anger Flames

“Don’t leave your job just because your boss is angry with you. Remaining calm solves great problems.” Ecclesiastes 10:4 (NCV)

I was surprised to see that there is actually a quote like that in the Bible. I’m just merely scanning the pages of the Bible looking for an interesting quote. It is surprising to see bits and pieces tackling practical living on it. I thought all Biblical scriptures are just about God. It is also written for us like a guide to our lives.

Most of the time, when someone is mad at us, we get mad too. It’s a natural response. Although if we may be on the wrong side, once we are overly reprimanded for it we tend to defend our wrong doings making it appear right just because we are mad at the way they tell us how wrong we are. I’ve seen it happen many times. Especially if that happens between a boss and an employee. It’s so easy to give in to our anger. It is a force so strong that it can either push us to act or push us to destroy.

I guess it always pay to stay silent when in great anger. It’s when you may say things you might regret later. And, never ever make a decision when mad. Let everything cool down a bit and then act. Doing this can make a big difference.

So, that’s my Bible Sunday post for today. Stay happy! 🙂

~ Melonaide

I’ll Let Go

I’ll let go… of all this madness,
From my stupid mistakes and blunders.

But not without vengeance!
Until I do something to make it right.

I won’t forget, until I finally set it straight.
There’s no room for self-pity for it will eat away my energy.

I will let go… of the blames and self-insults.
I was wrong, yes, I did wrong.

But I won’t let go without vengeance!
I will do something in return.

Not to run like a coward,
Or in darkness be devoured.

I will let go of the hatred I feel for my sinful self.
In return I’ll set it straight, and not do it ever again.

~ Melonaide

PS. Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything that will get me to prison. I just forgot to do something important for someone, and I feel a bit bad about it! And the vengeance I refer to is a revenge by doing goodness. Have a blessed day! 😀