One Flower

On a field of flowers a butterfly flew.
A gentle breeze passed by and gave an advice he never knew.

“Among all of the flowers just pick one,
Two is too heavy,
Three is too much,
More is impossible.
Love it, cherish it like there’s none like it.
Plant it and help it grow.
Never let it wilt, make the water flow.
For the love you give is also the love you will receive.
Soon you will have a flower field of your own.”

~ Melonaide

It is time for action!

Settle down, oh, restless thoughts.
My mind is about to burst.
Let peace quench my thirst.
It is time for action.

Make a move, oh, restless feet.
Take me to the place that I seek.
Step by step towards the mountain’s peak.
It is time for action.

Get going, oh, restless soul.
Don’t worry about fate that might befall.
It’s just a part of life afterall.
It is time for action.

Fall if I must,
And stumble while I fight,
For something that is right.
It is time for action.

~ Melonaide