My Pencils

I was so absorbed in completing some paper works that I was actually tempted to just post an old art today, some of my art when I was in sixth grade. Although that may be an interesting post, I don’t wanna make that as an excuse not to draw anything at all today. But if you will convince me to post them, I might share them with you. 😉

From my previous post, I thought of sharing a picture of my Faber Castell colored pencils. I don’t get to test other brands of colored pencils since this is only the most available one that comes with many colors. Most colored pencil brands that others may recommend isn’t available around here. I am willing to take gifts and donations. Haha! (FAIL) 😛

So, this reveals what colors I use the most. The long unused ones are just a recent addition to my pencils that’s why they are barely used. I got them from my new colored pencil box with more colors. Other new pencils are kept inside the cabinet for replacement purposes. So there, I know I told that I am not a fan of pink, but there it is…small and got used a lot. Why? Because I used it a lot in face portraits before along with those two browns taped together. Pinks are used a lot on skin and children’s girly dresses. But then I guess I like pink too, I just don’t like to wear it like there’s no other color better than it on clothes, only as accents. I think that green is already my second pencil. That is what I use a lot. I like drawing things from the nature.

You may wonder why I tape some pencils together. Well…that is because I don’t use pencil extenders. I don’t see them in the store and I don’t have the motivation to search for one. Taping them together is already fine with me…lol!

And you can see…I collect the pencil shards. I don’t know, but I like seeing them. I may use it for decorative purposes, I don’t know. You can suggest me something I can do with them.

So, those are my pencils on parade…I hope you like them. Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide

The Color Pink

I am not a big fan of the color pink.
Too girly, too sweet, too feminine.
This color makes me think of fanatic girls jumping up and down over a hot guy.
Giggling, donning the latest fashion and flashy girly stuffs.
It reminds me of someone like Paris Hilton.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them.
I’m just not like them. So, I can’t relate. LOL!
Now this just reminded me of High School.
My high school isn’t the greatest you would ever hear of.
I was perceived as the shy, introvert or sometimes the odd one.
All because I can’t relate.
All because I am not into this “who’s your crush?” thing.
Because I’m not the richest, not the smartest, not the prettiest and so on.
But oh, they do remember my existence in art classes.
I wanted to feel like I ‘belong’ badly.
To be with the like-minded people.
It didn’t make sense.
But hey, I have great friends back then so it’s not that bad.
I enjoyed my HS life with my few but great and supportive friends.
I gotta thank them for that! 😀
But now, it all looks clear.
I am not meant to force myself to belong to a crowd I don’t fit in.
I guess we all become better as we grow older if we choose to be.
That’s how I embraced the idea of growing old with grace.
I realized that with age you will understand more things you previously don’t know.
If I would be asked if I like to go back to my previous self,
I won’t go.
The ‘me’ now is more flexibe,
The ‘me’ now understands the value of being true to myself,
I have committed myself to embrace the years of wisdom to come
The next years that will come to my life.
I won’t fear the aging process.
Although I am only at my mid 20’s,
who knows what the next years would bring?
Perhaps I might consider wearing something pink by then?

~ Melonaide

Okay…that’s just a piece of me today.
I just gotta say you are naturally wonderful and aging won’t take that away.
Let age enhance your real beauty inside.
A rose do wilt but the memories it bring may last forever.
Have a great great day! 😀