Go Placidly Amid Noise and Haste

Go Placidly

There’s just too much noise, chatter and confusion…
Sometimes our thoughts are louder than our surroundings.
Our eyes filter the world according to what our mind perceives.
Whether it’s fear or courage, sadness or joy, it’s for us to decide.
The key to our own mind and heart is in our hands.

Take charge. Drive your life. Find peace.


Take Time to Listen

Yesterday obviously was just a hurried sketch by me. But today’s post, I put in a little more effort to make it vibrant and colorful. Its contrast and image sharpness is edited a bit in Picasa to make the image look more interesting. I put in the ‘warmify’ effect to make the overall image look yellow. Sometimes the whiteness of white paper looks dull to me. But sometimes I like them on minimalist illustrations.

So, here goes the next lines from the poem “Desiderata.” When I read the lines, an image of a blooming flower and a lowly sprout talking to each other comes into mind. I even thought of adding up some morning dew being passed from the flower to the sprout. But I guess I didn’t get it to work. LOL.

Going to those few lines about listening, I agree so much about it. When we listen, we learn – even from the small things. If our cup is too full to even listen to whatever others wanna say, we might miss some wonderful stories. One of my favorites is listening to children speak and tell stories of things they are amused of. They can speak of something nonsense but their enthusiasm is a little infectious that you might even enjoy what they are enjoying if you take time to listen. Something like “Look there’s a rabbit in the clouds! How did he get up there?” Cuteness overload. 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide


“As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.” ~ Desiderata, Max Erhman

This is the next lines of the poem Desiderata (check out yesterday’s post for the first few lines).

Being on good terms will all persons sure is a tough job if not nearly impossible. We simply cannot please everybody especially on this current competitive times where in most people are fighting for a so-called success where only one person can win. Do we have to step on other people to succeed? Do we really need to become envy of what other people have while we neglect the great things on our hands?

No. We don’t have to. Success is meant to be shared. There is no success sweeter than the success you got from hard work, dedication and a little bit of help from friends. *winks* We seriously gotta get away from that ‘crab mentality’. It is a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” (wiki) It is like giving all your efforts on bringing another person down whom you think can outsmart you.

Instead of doing such, why not just use all of your energy on learning and mastering your skills? If you got time to scheme something bad against others, you should use that time instead on making a better you. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide

A Leaf

This is my favorite poem Desiderata by Max Ehrman.The poem is long but it is full of inspiring words full of wisdom. If you haven’t read it yet do check it out. Since the poem contains lots of thoughts and bits of wisdom, I decide to do illustration for it part by part.

Silence – It has its healing properties. When you are mad, take time away from the source of your anger. Indulge the silence, it’ll somehow calm you. When you are confused, being in a noisy crowd does not help. A moment of silence to think things through can help you sort your thoughts out. When you are worried, a breath of fresh air in a silent and peaceful place will shoo your worries away. And if there is none, just closing your eyes and visualizing such a place can help us be in peace.

There are times when the noise comes from inside my head. My mind won’t shut up during those times. It is full of nonsense chatter I can go without. I have no much idea how to meditate although its methods are becoming famous. All I do during those times to make my mind shut up is to listen to it and then try not to think of anything but the world around me, the color of the houses, the grass, the road, the small things no one would even care to look at. It is then I find peace. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide