Dancing Along the Colors of Time

Dancing into the Colors of Time

Dancing along the colors of time,
Experiencing and witnessing the great sublime…
We have the capacity to be the heroes of our time,
Where in greatness will be our only crime.

Dance gracefully with the life that we received,
Regardless of whatever disposition we might currently be.
Whatever we seek that’s what we shall find,
So let it be beautiful, colorful and grand.

~ Melonaide

Fascinated by the Light

Fascinated by the Light

The light that dances at the palm of your hands,

Waiting for you to grasp and be found. 🙂

~ Melonaide

Slow Yet Strong as a Tree


Behind the tree I ponder on things,
About life, love, anything and everything.
Things didn’t go as fast as I wanted,
Stuffs didn’t finish as soon as I planned.
So I thought, “Is this really worth it?”
Failure, lots of failure, “Am I fit to be it?”
And then I felt the hard wood on my back.
As if the tree is trying to mock.
In defense I thought “Ha, don’t you laugh!
Your leaves fall through the blow of the wind,
Just like how I fall on problems I try to solve.
And you, fast? Don’t make me laugh!
It takes years and years for you to be fully grown,
Just like how slow it takes to reach my goal.
But strong…oh yes, we go stronger in every fall.”
It’s then I realize that it’s alright –
Not to be as fast as others,
Not to be perfect in just one trial,
To fail and learn one stumble at a time.
If it takes years to complete a fruit bearing tree,
It wouldn’t hurt if it takes years for me to get my dream.
I may be slow, but I’ll be as strong as a tree.



Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit is at your service,
He’ll give you a cup of tea and a purple crocus.
So you better drown all your sorrows away.
Forget it all just come and play.

~ Melonaide

Black and White

Black and white,
Bad and good,
Sadness and Happiness,
It makes it all interesting.
We won’t see the beauty of walking in light
Without ever stumbling from the darkness in sight.

~ Melonaide

The Big Guy

“Keep your head on the clouds and your feet on the ground.”

That quote suddenly popped in my head. I tried to search its origin but I failed to find out where it exactly came from. My guesses are it might be derived from a Bible verse (Proverbs) or it might came from a book or an author. I read it from a Og Mandino quotation page, but it was indicated that the source is unknown at the bottom (I can’t locate that site anymore). So, maybe it’s not him. But do check him out. Quotes really do inspires me. They are the bits of knowledge passed on by the great minds of the great people. Oh, check out Og Mandino’s site, I found it just now. Looks interesting to me. I will check it out after posting this. 😀

This will be the first time I draw a guy on this blog. I always draw girls because I can relate to them being a girl myself. (lol) And I think girls are more expressive.(?) I chose to draw a guy that keeps a happy disposition, a dreamer, down to Earth yet confident and has a bias for action. Because I think those qualities make an achiever.

So, that drawing is just my comical interpretation (if not literal) of the quote. And, being so stretched like that (head on the clouds, feet on the ground) makes him great and BIG right? LOL. Same goes in reality…if you can manage to be a dreamer and be the person who acts on his dream at the same time, most of the time  you will find more success. A dream will always be “just a dream” if you won’t act on it. And actions without a goal or dream is not fulfilling if not useless.

Keep on dreaming and act on it! Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


Sleep Well

Rest your weary soul and surrender the day’s troubles.
Let them all burst like a bubble…
You will need strength for tomorrow,
To fight the unforeseen sorrow.
Challenges await you, journeys lie ahead you,
But for tonight, sleep well…

~ Melonaide

Side Note: The drawing’s saturation and hue is edited in Microsoft Office Picture gallery to make it violet. I’d love to color it but it’ll take me a long time to do so. So that’s that, thanks for reading! Have a great day~ 😀

A Leaf

This is my favorite poem Desiderata by Max Ehrman.The poem is long but it is full of inspiring words full of wisdom. If you haven’t read it yet do check it out. Since the poem contains lots of thoughts and bits of wisdom, I decide to do illustration for it part by part.

Silence – It has its healing properties. When you are mad, take time away from the source of your anger. Indulge the silence, it’ll somehow calm you. When you are confused, being in a noisy crowd does not help. A moment of silence to think things through can help you sort your thoughts out. When you are worried, a breath of fresh air in a silent and peaceful place will shoo your worries away. And if there is none, just closing your eyes and visualizing such a place can help us be in peace.

There are times when the noise comes from inside my head. My mind won’t shut up during those times. It is full of nonsense chatter I can go without. I have no much idea how to meditate although its methods are becoming famous. All I do during those times to make my mind shut up is to listen to it and then try not to think of anything but the world around me, the color of the houses, the grass, the road, the small things no one would even care to look at. It is then I find peace. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide

The Burning Candle

“My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends It gives a lovely light!” ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

I had no much sleep last night. I am a bit burned out and that’s where this candle illustration came from. But nothing to worry about since I don’t do this often because I know that abusing your own body  will have unwanted results. I took vitamins (which I rarely do), lots of water, good music, no sweets, proper lights and occasional 15 minutes snoozes when needed. I just had to finish some stuffs. Really, I gotta do something about my procrastination! lol

The quote above by Edna St. Vincent Millay gives a lasting impression to me. A candle is meant to be lit up and be used to fill a place with light. Same goes to people. We are like burning candles ~ we can give off radiance and make this world a better place even for a little bit. So, we got two choices: we can light up and extend ourselves to others or …. we can just live comfortably inside our ‘shelves’ waiting to decompose. Won’t we rather light a room than be disposed in the trash bin after accumulating molds and dusts? So, I guess, it is about time that we step out of our comfort zone (shelves) and then reach out to the world giving it the best that we got. Let’s fill this world with our little lights. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide 

Beautiful Thoughts

Because today is Sunday, I thought of making a drawing based on a quote from the Bible.

“Be careful what you think. Because your thoughts run your life. “(Proverbs 4:23)

It is true, what we think for the most part, it is who we are. Our actions are just the fruit of our thoughts. Our thoughts might be filled with worries, anxieties, problems or other things. Sometimes we should be aware of what kind of thoughts dominate our mind. By knowing we gain control, since sometimes, what we see in the world is just a projection of what we think of inside our head. If we think of bad things, we see bad things. If we think that today it is an unlucky day, we’ll get to see all of the unluckiness we got like the traffics and stinky people. By thinking of such, we missed out looking how beautiful the sky was. You might have missed seeing a friend waving at you while you were busy thinking of how those people goes in your way while you are in a hurry going to school or work.

But, it is human nature to feel upset, worry or think bad. We don’t need to ditch all those thoughts, what I think is all we need is to confront your worries in your head and then give yourself an imaginary pat on your shoulder saying to yourself “everything will be just fine.” Well, it’s up to you if you’ll say it aloud! Just make sure you’re the only one who can hear yourself. LOL 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide