Vivid Youth

Vivid youth from the early evening sky
Watching flames looking up
And I’m warming to your side.

Indie Saturday!

30 Minute Art now features the song “Vivid Youth” by The Pastels and Tenniscoats from the album Two Sunsets.

The song gives you a warm feeling of travelling with your friends or someone special.

It’s a lovely song to listen to during road trips.

Happy listening!

~ Melonaide

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
Band: Mosquitos

Lá fora, estrelas cadentes.
E agora, fortes correntes.
Você e seus sonhos, suas luas, oceanos.
Shooting stars in my dreams
and we’re flying together.
Shooting stars in my dreams
and we’re flying forever.
Way high up there, shooting stars.
And now, my dear, we’re heading for Mars.
It’s you and your dreams, your moons, greater streams.

For today’s Indie Saturday post, I chose to feature the band Mosquitos. I like their dreamy, happy tunes present in this song. Do check them out!

For this art, I decided to draw outside. It is still bright when I went out, I just had to take time looking for a nice spot for the video cam. I thought I would be able to finish before the sun sets but it seems the sun sets before 30 minutes, so, I literally got bitten by mosquitoes in the process! LOL! So, I guess, I get a little distracted by the mosquitoes so, my artwork turned out a little rough. But anyways, I hope you like it!

Enjoy. 😀

~ Melonaide

I’ll Pocket You a Rainbow

I’ll Pocket You a Rainbow
by The Gentle Isolation

I’ll pocket you a rainbow
I’ll pocket you the sun
Can someone tell me where did you go
I don’t care if you’re gone
I know it’s late
Run and hide from the sun’s rays
We could stop for a cool shade
On a tree beside the lake
I’m having all these thoughts
I’ll write them in a card
And send it through a common friend
For you on a weekend
I know it’s late
Please tell me my love how to break
I’m strumming mellow in my tune
Can I buy a smile

Hello everyone! I decided to add music on my blog. So, every Saturday I’ll be making a 30 minute artwork inspired by my favorite indie artists and songs I love. I’ll call every Saturdays now as “Indie Saturday.”  And what’s more is that I’ll go video the process how I did it no matter how simple the art is and then I’ll try to upload it on Youtube together with my featured song. It is time consuming so I will only do this once a week.  (the video may take a long while before I include it in today’s post.) Enjoy! 😀

~ Melonaide