Busy Kids



I’m currently out to accompany some kids in the poster making contest. It’s challenging to draw kids because they move a lot even if they’re watching a movie on ipad or if they’re drawing. But they sure are fun to watch.


Fly to the Rainbow

What bow is missing?

Ok, fine… I forgot the indigo. LOL. I guess that’s the color I always miss out whenever I draw a rainbow since it is not available to the 20 pcs. crayon set when I was a child. I blame the crayon factory! Haahaaa.

When my brother saw this drawing, he said that my drawing is too childish. Yes it is. And there are some things I’ll never grow up from ~ my fascination for the rainbows. Rainbows only appear for a short time and disappears immediately after a few minutes. That’s why I really feel lucky to spot one. And I rarely ever see one after the rain.

I don’t wanna be ‘too old’ to even enjoy those little things in life. That’s why I am amazed at children. Their happiness are so cheap. lol. They don’t need expensive cars to be happy. They don’t need the fastest and latest computers to be happy. They don’t need to become a billionaire just to be happy. They are happy for small things, smiles for small reasons, and laughs even at stupid jokes. Well, for me we don’t need to make our happiness expensive. All we gotta do is aim high, smile in the process, and if we fail, laugh at our own mistakes then try again. If aging means I have to give up smiling for small things, then I’d rather not grow up at all! 😀

About the clouds…well, as I child I thought it was like a pillow you can step on and sleep on. But as I grow old I realize you can’t do that. Oh well…LOL. Anyways what are the things you’ll never get tired of looking at? Let me know on the comment section, and maybe I might draw them next. Have a great day~ 🙂

~ Melonaide