Christmas Lantern

Christmas Lantern

It’s Christmas…the most awaited season throughout the year. The only thing that my hand fancied to draw is a Christmas Lantern. Here in the Philippines, Christmas lanterns are made of various shapes and sizes. (We call them “parol” in Tagalog) Most of them resemble the star of Bethlehem. Some look like twinkling flowers because of too many colors. But for today, I chose to draw a simple star-shaped Christmas lantern with no lights in it. It is the simplest you can find in our market and it’s more of an ornament that we hang on the walls.

I guess that lanterns just symbolize the light of Jesus. Where there is light, there you can find Him. In one way or another, we celebrate Christmas so that we can spread even a little of Jesus’ light and love to another person. Christmas would never be complete without the company of one or more people that you love. So, this Christmas make sure that you make at least one person feel important and loved.

Have a merry and blessed Christmas everyone! šŸ™‚



After attending mass, there are lots of sampaguita lei vendors asking you to buy 3 leis for only 20 pesos. I buy 3 leis every after mass that I usually hang on the hands of the sculpture of the Virgin Mary at home. And this is such a normal thing here in the Philippines. Those fragrant flowers are basically made for sacred sculptures.

SampaguitaĀ also known as Jasminum Sambac is Philippines’ national flower. It is well known for its fragrance.Ā The nameĀ Sampaguita is a Spanish term that comes from the Filipino words “sumpa kita,” which mean ‘I promise you.’Ā Sampaguita is considered a symbol of fidelity, purity, devotion, strength and dedication. (source: theflowerexpert)

There goes my 30 minute art for today. I plan on doing flowers from now up to the whole February. Hope you like it!

~ Melonaide