Fascinated by the Light

Fascinated by the Light

The light that dances at the palm of your hands,

Waiting for you to grasp and be found. 🙂

~ Melonaide

Stellar Plant

This plant is similar to my current background image which is also drawn by me. I was thinking that it would be lovely if there is a plant that glows like a firefly. I think it is called “Bioluminescence“, same as the plants in the movie Avatar, where plants glow when touched at night time or in the darkness. So cool right? 🙂

The drawing looks rough because honestly, I am so sleepy while drawing that. But anyways I hope you like it.

Have a great day! 🙂

~ Melonaide

How to Catch a Star

Search for a star with an eye of ENTHUSIASM.
Let its wonder unfold and hear its stories untold.

Prepare a long wooden stick of HOPE.
For you know that the star is in a place so high and far.

Lift your stick up with your hands powered by your STRENGTH OF HEART.
For your body alone is weak without the longing of a heart that seeks.

Capture the star inside the net of DETERMINATION.
For you may fail a thousand times, but the one who succeeds is the one who tries.

Put it in the jar of HAPPINESS to remind you of your success.
For if the clouds appear in the deep dark night, your stars in a jar will be your light.

Do it again but don’t compare your jar with another’s.
Your star might be smaller or it might be larger.
But comparing will put a black hole inside.
For it makes one proud or insecure, it’ll dim your star for sure.

Seal your jar with LOVE and then share it with your friends.
For victory is sweet with friends that greet.
And the light that is shared is the brightest indeed!

~ Melonaide