The Thin Thread of Connection

Get Connected

Have you ever find yourself changing too much
there is a very visible distinction between the past and the present you?

And with this thought in mind you wonder what you would become in the future?

Have you ever felt disconnected, that reading your old journals
is like reading another person’s life?

Have you been denying the part of yourself that  you don’t like much?
And because of it you have this unknown uncertainty you can’t figure out?

Wondering if you’re on the right track? If this is what you wanted 5 years ago?
And wondering if what you’re doing is something you’ll like for the next 5 years?

If yes, we have to search for that thin thread of connection deep within us,
Just like a complicated network of nerves constantly functioning, keeping you alive.

Hack it, decode it and try to access it,
In this life we face noise and confusion from day to day.

We see ads here and there of superfluous things we don’t really need.
We are surrounded and drenched in a sea of mediocrity where people that  stand out are seen as idols.

But what is it that truly matters?
What are things that you truly and subconsciously want?

Stop for a moment.
Relax…with a cup of smiles.
Have a great day!

~ Melonaide 🙂

PS: I can’t think of something to draw, so for today, I just played around with MS Paint’s air brush just using my mouse. Nothing special really. It’s inspired by a telephone cord. Somehow it looks like “elo” to me. (Short for hello). ^^

For Sauté

I am no good at cooking. I barely know how to cook, or simply put I don’t cook. If I will be teleported to the medieval times where girls are supposed to do all the cooking and all other chores, I will be slaughtered for being useless. Haha! But maybe I might be in the battlefield instead. I seem to do ‘male jobs’ like fixing the light, work on projects, assemble basic stuffs, or anything aside from cooking. But, being in the 20th century, it is acceptable to be me. Thank goodness! LOL

I was being nagged by my mother to learn how to cook. I just can’t seem to find time for it. I believe I can learn it if I wanted to. I tried enrolling in a cooking class for a month. All I learned is how to follow a recipe. And I don’t look left behind aside from the fact that they chop faster than me. Haha. Cooking looks fun but very time consuming. You have to go to market to buy stuffs to cook and then prepare everything, from utensils to ingredients. And one mistake can make a drastic difference. It’s like an art too, definitely needs a lot of practice. Maybe one day, I might go experiment with cooking. I hope I won’t look like an evil witch when I do that. LOL. I guess it is always fun to try. 😉

In my drawing, I grabbed a tomato, white onion, and a garlic. The onion doesn’t look pretty in reality, but I find that the more imperfect the subject is, the more color it has and the more fun and difficult it is to draw – and I find challenge in that.

There goes my art for today, I hope you like my cooking, I mean drawing. lol! Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


Take Time to Listen

Yesterday obviously was just a hurried sketch by me. But today’s post, I put in a little more effort to make it vibrant and colorful. Its contrast and image sharpness is edited a bit in Picasa to make the image look more interesting. I put in the ‘warmify’ effect to make the overall image look yellow. Sometimes the whiteness of white paper looks dull to me. But sometimes I like them on minimalist illustrations.

So, here goes the next lines from the poem “Desiderata.” When I read the lines, an image of a blooming flower and a lowly sprout talking to each other comes into mind. I even thought of adding up some morning dew being passed from the flower to the sprout. But I guess I didn’t get it to work. LOL.

Going to those few lines about listening, I agree so much about it. When we listen, we learn – even from the small things. If our cup is too full to even listen to whatever others wanna say, we might miss some wonderful stories. One of my favorites is listening to children speak and tell stories of things they are amused of. They can speak of something nonsense but their enthusiasm is a little infectious that you might even enjoy what they are enjoying if you take time to listen. Something like “Look there’s a rabbit in the clouds! How did he get up there?” Cuteness overload. 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide

Staircase Web

“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Peter Parker

Yes, it is a quote from Spider Man movie. And if you’re wondering if the girl I drew might be spiderwoman, definitely not. lol. For some reasons, this quote has struck me. If we are given with abilities, we should use them to the fullest. I believe all of us got talents, it’s just that we need to realize what they are and what we would like to accomplish with them. My favorite cousin whom I treat like my older sister always tell me,’why are you so talented? Can you give me some?’ I’m kinda sure part of what she told me is just meant for flattery just to make me feel better (they’re your family afterall! lol), the other half of it tells me that she wanna know from me what I think her strengths must be. We are all given strengths and abilities that suits us most. I told her that she got almost all the things I lack, she’s always on time, very good at time management, very disciplined with herself, and most of all I think she’ll be a good leader.

Back to the drawing, I originally drew that web as stairs going down. But then as I enjoyed coloring, it looks like a spider web now. LOL. And drawing that girl is a real challenge. I had to make the proportion of the body look normal at least. I guess I draw that because I think that there are always some point in our lives that we must make choices. Are we going to choose to stick to the web or are we going down from that staircase web of confusion? Think then act.

Have a great day everyone!

~ Melonaide

Beautiful Thoughts

Because today is Sunday, I thought of making a drawing based on a quote from the Bible.

“Be careful what you think. Because your thoughts run your life. “(Proverbs 4:23)

It is true, what we think for the most part, it is who we are. Our actions are just the fruit of our thoughts. Our thoughts might be filled with worries, anxieties, problems or other things. Sometimes we should be aware of what kind of thoughts dominate our mind. By knowing we gain control, since sometimes, what we see in the world is just a projection of what we think of inside our head. If we think of bad things, we see bad things. If we think that today it is an unlucky day, we’ll get to see all of the unluckiness we got like the traffics and stinky people. By thinking of such, we missed out looking how beautiful the sky was. You might have missed seeing a friend waving at you while you were busy thinking of how those people goes in your way while you are in a hurry going to school or work.

But, it is human nature to feel upset, worry or think bad. We don’t need to ditch all those thoughts, what I think is all we need is to confront your worries in your head and then give yourself an imaginary pat on your shoulder saying to yourself “everything will be just fine.” Well, it’s up to you if you’ll say it aloud! Just make sure you’re the only one who can hear yourself. LOL 😀

Have a great day!

~ Melonaide