The Water Dragon


What I drew today is a Water Dragon in celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year, they call it year of the water dragon. So, before I start drawing, I looked up in google images how a water dragon generally looks like. (I didn’t copy someone else’s work :P) I don’t wanna draw a dragon that don’t look like a dragon! LOL. I want my dragon to look pretty so, I chose it to make it look as such. I don’t want it to appear scary~ 😀

So, there you go…I intended to color it blue but the timer ran out. I even had to put up 8 minutes just to finish shading. My eyes won’t be so satisfied looking at unshaded feet and tail. Doing a drawing only for 30 minutes risks the quality of an artwork. But, oh well…I have to set aside my perfectionist/critical side to go on with this project. Have a great lunar year ahead. Have fun everyone! 😀

~ Melonaide